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    Tanith Profile {BMT RP}


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    Tanith Profile {BMT RP}

    Post by Lime on Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:42 pm

    Name: Tanith
    Gender: Female
    Race: Naga
    Aura Color: Forest Green
    Clan: Green
    Rank: Khan

    Hair - Bright orange; goes to her hips and is very shaggy/messy looking. She typically style it up and adorn with hair decorations in a way of smoothing it out. On very rare occasions she will straight her hair out and smooth it over as well as adorn with simple hair clips.

    Face - Face is elegantly shaped as naga are usually known to be elegant after all. Her eyes are fully gold with emerald green speckles. almost almond shaped eyes. Absolutely no white parts whatosever. Pupils are round. It usually slits when she is angry. The thinner it is, the angrier she is. Eyelashes are sparse but more condensed and full of volume on the outer corners. Bright orange like her hair colour. her tongue is split like a snake usually are, fangs seen on the top row of teeth and are usually hidden when lips are closed. She's fond of colouring her lips in various shades depending on her mood. Her ears are pointed similar to how elves' ears are.

    Body - Milk chocolate brown skin. Slender body figure and very graceful. Her nails are usually round and short but on rare occasions, they will be longer and sharper. Her breasts are of small cups as is the standard for females of her clan.

    Scales - Various shades of green, found mostly on shoulders and back. Some can be seen on chest. Scales are condensed around hips, and decrease in density as it go up her ribs. Her hands have few dotting the top of them. Scales can also be found on her forehead going down sides past ears toward checkbones.

    Tail - Pale brown underbelly. Scales are all various shades of green with few yellows and browns thrown in. At the end of the tail is a darker brown rattle tip. If she is feeling negative emotions she will shake her rattle tip. The volume of rattling depends on her emotions.

    Height - With half of her tail usually on the ground, she stands at a proud height of 5'8" however if she does draw herself to her full height and her rattle tail tip on the ground; she would be at height of ...Wait why am I telling you this fact again?

    Clothes - She doesn't wear anything that would 'cover' her bottom half as she's half snake half human but she do change up tops often. Some days they're sleeveless tops, some days she forego straps and some days she go for flowy sleeves. It all depend on her mood, really. One thing is very consistent for sure is that she very rarely cover her stomach unless for special occasions then she'll use see-through fabrics to cover it up. She does love to wear jewellery and accessorise herself up by wearing bracelets and earrings.

    [Image by Falcon~! Thank you!! Also, click for larger image]

    Tends to hiss out the s in all words when she speaks. She is typically polite but she can be sassy when situation calls for it.

    Very elegant. Graceful. Refined. Will hiss out any and all s's while speaking. She can be quite sassy but usually is polite, and she doesn't like intruders. 


    When inquired about her past, all Tanith will say is that she joined the clan at a very young age, and recently ascended to the Khan rank. She will say no more on the topic and swiftly divert the conversation away from the topic.

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